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When critics dismiss the romantic-comedy genre, they’re talking about films like No Strings Attached. Not every film needs to challenge its viewer, but No Strings Attached barely bothers to show up. It coasts on its Riverside escort telegenic lead actors, but never takes advantage of their comic timing or bothers to see if they play well off each other. It offers the kind of comedy people could get if they tuned into watch Two and a Half Men but wanted the added benefit of paying money and leaving their home. I think that’s a bad offer, but sadly, I think I’m in the minority when it comes to that opinion.

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Rating: R Stars: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline, Cary Elwes, Greta Gerwig, Lake Bell, Olivia Thirlby, Chris ‘Ludicris’ Bridges, Jake Johnson, Mindy Kaling Writers: Elizabeth Meriwether, story by Mike Samonek and Elizabeth Meriwether Director: Ivan Reitman Distributor: Paramount Pictures Release Date:

A man, nude and with a small towel covering his genitals, tells several people that he is embarrassed to stand up; they assure him that they are doctors and see male genitalia on a regular basis. A woman tells a fully nude man and several other people that she had gotten a man’s genitals out of a water bottle the previous day. A fully nude man stands up and we see his bare back and buttocks for a long time as he walks away while two women clap and a man remarks, “Yeah, I’m gay. A woman kisses a man and asks if he “wants to get out of there,” implying she would like to have sex; the man agrees but the woman runs away before the man comes back.

Three women and a man discuss how the women are on the same menstrual cycle, a second man then uses scientific terms to explain menstruation and one of the women says, “It’s like a crime scene in my pants.

For purely adult dating though, the best pick for an ACTIVE community of singles seeking casual hookups is AdultFriendFinder hand downs! NoStringsAttached has nowhere near as many members and as a result, their community a ghost town in comparison!

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Cal and Dan are both bad dads who are inherently selfish individuals. They don’t care who they’re hurting as long as they feel like they’re getting revenge. The only difference between them is that over the course of nine seasons Dan eventually is gifted a redemption arc, while Cal has yet to clear his name in any way, and by the looks of it from the season two finale, won’t get a chance anytime soon.

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