When do people take up no strings dating?

Dating comes in a variety of guises. Many people are looking for long-term relationships or even marriage. Others are happy to enjoy a relationship in the short or medium term. Then there is no strings attached dating. This means dating with no special conditions, restrictions, obligations, or arrangements that must be met.

Who dates in this way?

I don’t think there is a real answer to this. I think whatsyourprice reviews no strings dating might appeal to anyone depending on where they find themselves in life. Unless they had a deep religious or moral objection to no strings dating, a lot of people might find this an attractive dating option. After a relationship breakdown, I found myself doing no strings dating for a while which was quite out of character. So I guess it is a case of never say never.

Younger people may take up no strings dating. Very few of us start off our dating adventures looking for a serious commitment straightaway. People have played the field in their younger years for generations. It helps them to work out what they find attractive in partners and to refine exactly what they are looking for. I think so long as people are honest about what they are doing there is no problem with that.

Life brings curveballs our way. We might lose a loving relationship and that might come as a surprise to us. I thought I was in a committed relationship and discovered my other half was in a relationship with someone else whilst I was away for the weekend. It was a shock and put me off giving my heart to anyone quickly again. That’s when I decided to try no strings dating. It was not really my thing but I guess it was a milestone as I healed from the hurt of my previous relationship. It might work in a similar way when a marriage comes to an end via divorce.

The saddest situation if when someone loses their loved partner through death. It is devastating when anyone we love passes away but perhaps particularly when we have shared our lives with them in the most intimate of ways. I would always advise anyone who has gone through such loss to seek grief counselling to help them navigate their way to a new and meaningful life. Having said that, some people will choose to put their toe into the romantic waters again via no strings dating perhaps out of loyalty to their partner, a wish to have companionship without a deep and long-lasting commitment or for their own personal reasons.

My dad did not choose to date at all after the loss of my mum. This did not surprise me although I sometimes worried that he was lonely but then mum was pretty irreplaceable. He threw himself into the lives of his children and grandchildren and that worked well. However, many older people do not have family living close by so why should they give up a romantic life altogether? I would have struggled if my dad had taken on a new relationship but I guess happiness has to be the key if you truly care about someone.

Benefits of no strings dating

I don’t think I could do no strings dating for long. Perhaps I fall in love too easily or perhaps I just could not be bothered to make the effort involved with dating on a no strings basis. Meeting new people can feel like a lot of effort at first, but there’s always an easy way. To make new and interesting friends, try calling on FREE Chatline numbers and find a perfect match for yourself. Having said that when I did do it briefly I enjoyed meeting new people and having fun together whether that was talking, laughing, dining out or something more. It helped me to realise that just because my ex-partner had decided I was not good enough, that did not mean that I was unattractive to other people. I have one friend in particular who has spent a lifetime mainly doing no strings dating with the occasional longer-term relationship. We are all different and must make out own romantic choices. There is a liberation I guess in not having to constantly report back to someone on where you are going, what you are doing and who with.

There are other reasons to get involved in no strings dating including if people are looking for a marital affair for themselves. This is not my particular cup of tea but then I have a particular religious background that disapproves of such things. However, who am I to judge and I have heard it said marital affairs can even be good for the existing marriage. I struggle with that idea but can see some benefits of no strings dating at the right time for the individual.