The more you commit the less you end up paying

Are you attracted to black men or women? This is the perfect site for you. It is specifically targeted at people who are looking to hook up with black people. Just like the name suggests this is a dating site that gives you access to ebony skin ladies and black men. It caters for women who love a particular kind of man or woman who are attracted to black people. It is one of the most talked about black fating site because of the numerous active subscribers that rely on it either for casual hook ups or a chance a long-term commitment.

Better Alternatives to BlackCrush

In terms of dating sites, there are much better alternatives than BlackCrush. These alternative sites have better protection against scammers, larger group of members to match with, and better features. See our recommendations below and try them out:

Black Crush Review

Before we delve into understanding Black Crush more, let us take a look into the most important thing about Black Crush that you need to know.

This dating site is not free

Unlike most site that claim to be free while they are not. Black Crush does not do any false advertisement. From the onset it is clear that joining the site is free but to actually communicate with potential matches you must at least make a payment and become a premium member.

Fake Profiles

Although there are some profiles that are definitely true, there are others that are actually designed to fool you into thinking that the site has more subscribers than there are. These fake profiles are referred to as Fantasy Cupid.

Just like any other dating site online, the more you commit to staying on the site the less you end up paying. If you stay on for only a month you end paying more for 30 days than if you decide to make a commitment to stay on for a year. If you want to meet a serious person then this is a great site to sign up to.

How does Black Crush Work?

This site is pretty straightforward. It begins with signing up to become a member of the site which is absolutely free. The information required is not elaborate or detailed, it is pretty basic. All that is needed is your name, email address and at least a picture that will help other subscribers understand you more. You can choose to put a video that will help the people browsing through your profile get a better idea of who you are and what you are looking for in a casual hook-up or a long term commitment relationship.

Immediately you sign up to this dating site you become a free member. With this kind of membership you are able to browse all the profiles in the site. The only thing that you are not able to do is to communicate with potential matches. This means that if you have a free membership you are not really getting the best of what you can gain from signing up on Black Crush dating site

What are the PROS of joining Black Crush?

  • Numerous active subscribers

Black Crush is one of the most famous dating sites that are specifically designed for persons who are looking to hook up with black men or women. The biggest advantage of numerous subscribers is that you have a many options to choose from. This incredibly boosts the chances of getting love or just a casual hook up. Even if all you are looking fo is just friend then this site has got you covered.