So you can Salai cuatro grossoni, as well as for you to definitely braccio out of velvet, 5 lire, and step 1/2; viz

Hose S forty straw S sixty wheat S 42 drink S 54 bread S 18 beef S 54 egg S 5 green salad S step three new Hairdresser S 2 d 6 horses S step 1

ten soldi to own loops from gold; Salai 14 soldi for binding, this new and also make of your cloak 25 soldi. [Footnote: Evaluate Zero. 1523.]

We gave so you can Salai 93 lire 6 soldi, at which I have had 67 lire and there continue to be twenty-six lire six soldi.

The brand new moneys I have had off Ser Matteo; first 20 grassoni, next to the 13 occasions step three f. following 61 grassoni, after that 3, immediately after which 33; 46 soldi several grossoni.

One or two large hatchets plus one really small you to, 8 metal spoons, cuatro tablecloths, 2 bathroom towels, fifteen small napkins, dos rough napkins, dos rough fabrics, dos wrappers, 3 sets out-of sheet sets, 2 sets the newest and step one dated.

The new tin-ware 3 sets regarding sheet sets 6 short dishes, all of cuatro breadths, 6 bowls, dos brief sheet sets, dos large meals, 2 tablecloths and you will step 1/2, 2 dishes medium size, sixteen rough fabrics, 2 quick ones 8 shirts,

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step 3 short dishes, dos hand-bathroom towels. cuatro dishes, step three rectangular rocks, 2 small bowls, step one large dish, step 1 platter, cuatro candlesticks, step 1 brief candlestick.

meats S ten d wine S several d bran S 5 d 4 plant life S ten d buttermilk S 4-d cuatro melon S 3-d money S 3-d step 1 ____________________

____________________ . S 6 d drink S a dozen d bran S nine d cuatro buttermilk S 4-d 4 flowers S 8 d ____________________

_____________________ meats S 0 d 8 drink S 12 d dough S 3-d buffet S 5 d cuatro vegetation S 8 d _____________________

) conventus Wiennensis capellano 4 nostro commensali salutem for the dno sempiternam Religione zelus rite air cooling inside the [ferite?] 5honestas aliarumque laudabilium probitatis ainsi que virtutum merita quibus apud nos fide 6digno commendationis testimonio Magistri videlicet ordinis felicis recordacionis Leonardi de 7Mansuetis de Perusio sigillo suo . you dans tibi advertisement . opera virtutum comen(salem)? 8 locum ainsi que tempus achievement(ores) cujus similiter officium ministratus et celle-ci praedecessoris sui donum (?) 9confirmavit mais aussi de novo dedit aliorumque plurima [laudatis] et celle-ci opera tua laudant 10nos inducunt ut tibi (?) reddamus advertisement gratiam liberalem hinc est quod nos cupientes. [Footnote: The definition for the file, which is very difficult to understand, in fact it is written in unintelligible Latin, try, one Leonardo di Mansuetis recommends the Rev. Mair regarding Nusdorf, chaplain at Vienna, to some 3rd people; and you may states and you to some thing, which had becoming turned out, could have been ended up. Other verses on the same leaf is absolutely in Leonardo’s hand. (Nos. 483, 661, 519, 578, 392, 582, 887 and you can 894.)]

Miseracione divina sacro sancte Romane ecclesie tituli letter cardinalis 2wulgariter nuncupatus venerabili religioso fratri Johanni Mair d’Nustorf 3ordinis praedicatorum provintie teutonie (?

Johannes Antonius di Johannes Ambrosius de- Bolate. He exactly who allows time ticket and does not grow into the advantage, the more I do believe from it the greater amount of We grieve. No man have it into the your to be virtuous who can quit honour for get. Fortune are valueless to help you him that knows perhaps not toil. The person gets pleased which employs Christ. There’s no prime current as opposed to higher suffering. Our very own glories and you may our very own triumphs pass away. Foul lust, and you will aspirations, and you can luxury, and sloth has actually banished the advantage regarding the community; with the intention that our Character, drifting and you may perplexed, provides nearly missing the existing and higher song. Henceforth it had been well to help you rouse thyself of sleep. The master asserted that lying in down doesn’t provide thee so you can Glory; nor becoming beneath the quilts. He exactly who, rather than Fame, burns off his lifetime so you’re able to waste, makes no more vestige away from themselves in the world than simply piece of cake-blown cigarette, or the lather up on the sea. [Footnote: Regarding the history sentence we possibly may infer this text was by hand off a pupil out-of Leonardo’s.– For a passing fancy piece certainly are the cards Nos.1175 and you may 715 within the Leonardo’s own handwriting.]