Possibly including within the “fig” an allusion into fig-leaf since the snatch within the Dated Learn items off Adam and you can Eve

-16: Such as for example patients exactly who turned out . . . one to Sig . . . was in the process of getting dreamt of just like the a beneficial “papa Fig” : MOTIF: fantasy .

Yards. Kachurin”), he writes out of returning “k charuyushchemu ‘chaparalyu’ / iz Vsadnika bez Golovy” (“or even what is actually enchantingly titled ‘chaparral’ / on the Headless Horseman ,” ll

-12: turned-out of the specific twitchings of eyelids or other semi-private pieces beneath the control of scientific students : Fast Vision Movements away from resting sufferers is tracked of the psychologists while the an indication out-of a certain stage regarding sleep (think, at that time Nabokov try composing Ada, to-be exclusively a sign of dreaming phase from sleep). Private bits also are monitored by psychiatrists examining, by way of example, the capability out of lucid dreamers to help you result in real climax into the willed erotic sleep.

-15: undergoing being dreamed away from since a great “papa Fig,” spanker away from girl bottoms and you may spunky spittoon-member : “father figure,” alluding towards centrality of your Oedipus advanced within the Freudian principle; relates and to transference during the Freudian psychoanalysis (the newest person’s moving emotions toward a daddy for the specialist) and displacement within the Freudian dream theory (“spanker from girl soles and spunky spittoon-associate,” as well as conjuring right up an excellent stereotypical patriarchal dad, and indicates “spunk” throughout the slang feeling of “sperm”).

-21: picnics . . . black bolero . . . pinewood : Ada wears another black colored “Spanish” costume outfit, a good “lolita” (a large top) on the several other picnic from inside the a great pinewood, for her twelfth birthday celebration: get a hold of -a dozen, . MOTIF: pine .

: yellow slacks and you will a black bolero : Van’s last look from Ada within Ardis is out of this lady wearing “red trousers and you will a black bolero,” . You to definitely catastrophe within his “mother’s” existence ergo seems to prefigure some other during the Van’s very own. But Lucette in addition to dons “black slacks and an orange shirt” (-26) before jumping in order to this lady dying. MOTIF: black-purple .

-22: wandered compliment of a small pinewood . . . found an appropriate gulch on the chaparral : Cf. -29: “Aqua had stepped because of a wooden and you can for the good gulch so you can exercise last year”; -11: “not very from the the tiny gulch where Aqua passed away and you may with the that we myself feel like creeping some big date.” In the Nabokov’s 1947 poem “K Kn. S.M. Kachurinu” (“To help you Prince S. 79-80). Inside the autobiography the guy remembers this new games the guy with his cousin Yurik (Yuri Rausch von Traubenberg) will have within the imitation of edarling the Wild West adventures regarding Headless Horseman (1866) from the Mayne Reid (1818-1883): “Worn out from the our very own escapades in the chaparral, . . . ” ( SM 203).

-30: She smiled, dreamingly enjoying the believe (instead ‘Kareninian’ inside tone) you to her extinction would affect anybody on since the deeply just like the . . . : Anna, about times in advance of their committing suicide, succumbs so you can an excellent torrent of depressing thoughts (Area eight Sections 28-31). Nabokov instance respected which sequence due to the fact earliest sustained passageway into the a circulation-of-consciousness style.

-02: an effective fetus-in-utero position, a review you to seemed strongly related to his children, as it might be to help you exploit : A great sardonic comment on new interest in the newest fetal position in emotional and you may anthroplogical symbolization, an anticipation regarding Van’s denunciation out-of symbolism within his lectures since good psychologist (-), and you will a mirror of one’s importance to Aqua’s report on her memory of fetus () having exactly who Van are replaced. Cf. also: : “fetus-measurements of rubberized model.”

Sour, he rips themselves off Ada inside the a close-self-destructive temper (-)

-05: new sanest person on this subject or you to earth : on this planet (called Demonia as well as Antiterra, , and and thus associated with Dementius, allowed to be several other types of Devil, cuatro.22-23) otherwise one world, Terra, noticed when you look at the mostly by wild and/or unstable.