Missing a year – Ford v Ferrari

We loved this flick and the acting skills of Denzel Washington. He played the nomadic warrior, tasked to deliver the last existing Bible to a safe location. The Book of Eli was a box office hit and people loved the message of the whole film, but there was one giant problem – or small problem, whichever way you want to look at it.

What’s wrong with the movie, then? Well, the Bible was in Braille writing. The Bible in braille is much bigger than one book. It would be more like 40. That’s definitely not something even the legendary Denzel Washington would be able to carry around with him. It may be a slight inaccuracy, but we’ll let it go as the movie was so darn clever otherwise.

‘Ford v Ferrari’ is a movie about an epic battle between the two car manufacturers. Ford wanted to try and take down the giants by building a car that would win the 24 Hours of Le Mans race at last. However, there is a major blooper in the movie. It turns out that there should have been another year of competing before Ford comes out victorious.

The film shows one loss before the team returns in 1966 to take the crown. The reality? Ford lost twice: once in 1964 and again in 1965 before they finally had everything to scoop a win. While it might not be completely accurate to the real story, the movie does cover the important bases.

Back to the Future

One of the most legendary movies ever is Back to the Future. It predicted advancements in technology so well. Every detail that was mentioned turned out to be true in the end, well nearly everything. We’re still waiting to be able to actually use hoverboards on a more regular basis, but the self-tying sneakers are a reality!

However, not every single detail was as well thought out. Remember the scene when Marty plays the guitar in the 1950s? Well, the issue is that the guitar came out 3 years after the movie is set. Otherwise, the move is spotless. Plus, we can kind of forgive him considering he’s a time traveler anyway. Maybe he snuck the guitar back with him?

Panic Room

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart try to escape a deranged Jared Leto in the thriller movie Panic Room. During one scene, Jodie Foster is cornered by Jared Leto at one point and decides to light some propane up in order to escape. That seems like a rather bizarre thing to do anyway, but you do you, Foster.

Thankfully, the propane rises to the ceiling and they stay safe. The problem? Propane is heavier than air and would stay on the ground. All that would have happened is that they would have set on fire and Jared Leto would have had his wicked way. Physics always wins, guys. If you’re going to add a scene like this, make sure it actually makes sense.

In a fictionalized work, the director treats us with a depiction of one of the most famous battles ever. 300 brave Spartans battle the enormous Persian army and Thermopylae. While the movie itself is a masterpiece, there were plenty of things that history buffs pointed out were wrong with it. The director probably knew these were coming though…

Although the Spartans lost, they were honored for their effort, and it’s a spectacular movie tribute. The only issue is that there were somehow bombs and other weapons in the movie. Things like that didn’t exist for the next 1000 years. Of course, the movie itself is almost like a comic book take on the action that really happened, so we kind of expect some irregularities.