It is under a curse of an endless winter

Yes, Lucy has “discovered” Narnia. But something is amiss in Narnia. “Always winter and never Christmas” is what we are told. The land has fallen under the control of the White Witch; she has usurped the throne and calls herself the Queen of Narnia. She rules by magic and an iron fist. It is because of her, and the curse she brought with her, that Narnia was plunged into a hundred year winter. Many creatures of Narnia are now in league with her but there are still plenty of them who hate her and remain allegiant to the rightful king, Aslan, the great Lion, son of the Emperor-beyond-the-Sea. Aslan has been away for a long time, but the hope is that he will return one day soon and make things right.

Nasty Edward also stumbles into Narnia but he stumbles directly into the path of the Witch. She is not happy when hop Гјber auf der Website he does not immediately recognize her as Queen. Who might he be that he would not know her? She produces warm drink and sugary treats while she plies him with questions. She seems very interested in the fact that he has three siblings and demands that he go back and bring them all with him to her upon his return. Edward does not like the idea of sharing his newfound benefactor with his brother and sisters, but the Queen promises that if he meets her request, she will fill his life with treats and, best of all, she will make him prince and one day King of Narnia (above and over his siblings of course). This appeals greatly to him and off he goes to fulfill his mission.

She invites him to join her and be warm in her sleigh

Suffice to say, Edmund will betray his siblings, Aslan will return, things will go sideways, and a battle of ages will be waged. I will leave the details for you to read.

Those with a keen eye and mind will understand the deeper implications of the story, the book is an allegory for the biblical, Christian worldview. The White Witch represents Satan (2 Corinthians 4:4-5, Ephesians 2:2, John ; ; ). Edmund is being tempted and falls; he turns betrayer. Aslan, is the rightful ruler, son of the Emperor; He is the Christ character (Genesis , Jeremiah -17, Luke 1:31-33) and the parallels will be hard to miss!

I do want to share with you some of my favorite or the most famous lines from the book, however. So here goes, counting down my top ten:

10. “Peter held the door closed but did not shut it; for, of course, he remembered, as every sensible person does, that you should never shut yourself up in a wardrobe.”

8. “Logic!” said the Professor half to himself. “Why don’t they teach logic at these schools? There are only three possibilities. Either your sister is telling lies, or she is mad, or she is telling the truth. You know she doesn’t tell lies and it is obvious that she is not mad. For the moment then and unless any further evidence turns up, we must assume that she is telling the truth.”

Narnia is a picture of our once perfect and beautiful world fallen under a curse (Genesis 3, Romans 8:18-25)

“Why, it is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb, It’s she that makes it always winter. Always winter and never Christmas; think of that!”

5. “And now, who has won? Fool, did you think by all this you would save the human traitor? Now I will kill you instead of him as our pact was and so the Deep Magic will be appeased. But when you are dead what will prevent me from killing him as well? And who will take him out of my hand then? Understand that you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and you have not saved his. In that knowledge, despair and die.”